Packaging Strategies: Dispensing the Ideal Brand Experience


The choice of a fine-mist sprayer used in conjunction with your brand’s packaging can keep a consumer buying a product or send that person to a competing brand. An article titled, “11 Best Makeup Setting Sprays” on bears this out. The article reviews inexpensive to expensive makeup-setting sprays. One of the review criteria is how well the fine-mist sprayer dispenses product. Eight out of the 11 products have negative sprayer reviews with comments ranging from “nozzle may malfunction with frequent use” and “sprayer nozzle needs frequent cleaning” to “spray can be splotchy” and “sprayer doesn’t produce a fine enough mist.”

“The [fine-mist spray] device is the product and is the brand,” said Stephan Ballot, vice president at Flocon Inc. in Woodstock, Illinois, a maker of fine-mist spray devices. “The brand is what makes someone remember the product and that is the identity of the product. The chemistry of the fluid inside is what does the work for the end-user; that’s what performs and accomplishes what someone is after whether that is a personal care product, or it’s a cleaning product or it’s a fragrance, that’s what brings satisfaction. That’s what accomplishes the task we are trying to complete. But then the device itself is what delivers. And if something can’t deliver that chemistry, the job doesn’t get done,” he added.

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