About Us

Established in 1989

Industry Leading Performance

FLOCON's patented valves and dispensing systems have been designed to deliver reliability, convenience, and economy. Each product we manufacture is engineered with precision tolerances and produced from the highest quality materials available. Our products are assembled with high-speed machines incorporating automated diagnostic and test systems. The results are products that are durable, dependable, and cost effective. They survive the rigors of industrial applications and also meet the demands of consumer expectations for quality and price.

Maximizing Supply Chain Value

FLOCON manufactures a variety of products and provides a wide range of services. We offer basic components, product assemblies, filling services, packaging services, and custom injection molding. For many customers we serve as a component supplier, to others we serve as a component supplier and custom contract packager, and for some customers we provide full turn-key manufacturing.

Advanced Technical Manufacturing Facilities to service customer demands:

Cary, Illinois (suburban Chicago):  Corporate offices, Automated Assembly, Packaging, and Warehousing

Cary, Illinois (suburban Chicago):  Filling Services and Packaging

Frankfort, Illinois (suburban Chicago):  Filling Services and Secondary Warehousing

Harvard, Illinois (northwest Illinois) FLOCON Technical Center:  Product Research & Development, Rapid Prototyping,
Product Engineering, Injection Molding, and Automated Decoration

Harvard, Illinois (northwest Illinois) FLOTEK, Inc.:  Proprietary and custom Injection Molding

Woodstock, Illinois (suburban Chicago):  New Technologies

East Kilbride, Scotland (United Kingdom, Glasgow) AMSCOT Packaging, Ltd.:  Filling services, specialty packaging, and warehousing





Excellence in Quality

Our goal is to produce 100% quality product, error -free with on-time deliveries and on-going service at the highest level possible. FLOCON views its relationship with its vendors and customers with the highest regard and trust. As such, we recognize the importance of confidentiality, maintaining quality, providing excellent service at all levels, and always keeping our customers informed.